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The au pair program is a wonderful opportunity for an au pair to gain cultural experience in another country, and also for the host family to have consistent, cost effective childcare—but this program is not for everyone.Whether you are a host family about to welcome an au pair into your home, or you are an au pair looking for a host family, I hope this book helps create a more memorable experience.

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Though I became an au pair almost by accident, I have grown to love the au pair program. I have a long history of being a part of the au pair program. First, I was an au pair for the family in the United States.Then later, when I had my own family, I also became a host family for three different au pairs.The au pair program has impacted my life immensely, and I know it can impact yours as well.In reading many misconceptions and hearing so many questions about the au pair program, I knew I needed to tell my story and offer insight into the program for au pairs and host families alike.With this book, I wanted to give readers the real insider’s scoop.


Tammy Phantika Cusanno is a serial entrepreneur, life-experimenter and hacker, author, and a super mom. As a mom of two young boys, Tammy is always finding a way to pursue her own dreams while enjoying being a parent.She believes that the earlier kids can discovering their gifts and pursuing the talents, the happier they will be.Often confused by two different ways of discipline and parenting styles.

Born and raised in Phayao, Northern Thailand, Tammy is the first one in her family to move across the world to start her life in the United States. After graduating in engineering at Chiang Mai University in Thailand.In 2003, Tammy quit her job to become an aupair to discover the way that she wanted to live life and how she wanted to raise her children someday. In 2009, she received an MBA from Babson College.

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