Rematching Au Pair

Having a continuous and reliable childcare provider is very important especially when both parents are working full-time. With demands in lives, many host families are turning to a pool of rematch au pairs in order to fulfill their

The Perfect Au Pair is here to guide you in your journey to select your first Au Pair. Maybe you are considering becoming an Au Pair yourself. First it is important to know exactly what an

An au pair agency employs representatives, or counselors, to oversee host families and au pairs. The counselor usually is the person who comes to interview and get to know the host family, and they also check out the conditions of

You have matched. Congratulations! Bringing an au pair into your home is an exciting time for everyone. The children are excited to get to know this new person, and the au pair

In the end, most host families and most au pairs want to have a good experience, and they want the other to have a good experience, too. So it comes down to helping each other be happy and making it