The Perfect AU Pair

When a potential au pair or host family is ready to use the program, they must sign up with one of the agencies. Host family applications can typically be completed online at the agency’s website; during this process you will be asked to provide all the necessary information, including references, employment, family background, and also family photos. Mostagencies require you to pay in order to sign up and be able to view different au pairs waiting to be matched. When you browse you can see the au pairs’ profiles, which include their background, experience, etc. Then you begin the matching process. The potential host parents could then search through and read available au pairs, then select a particularau pair profile. The host family could then initiate contact, and have a conversation and eventually an interview. However, I found that at least one, agreataupairs, has an unconventional in that it is open for both au pair andhost family is very useful as well. As the host family, the number of au pairs you can look through can be overwhelming. So I think it’s great to allow the au pair to take an active role in contacting host families. They may see your profile and take the time to write and email and initiate a conversation. They offer interest in you and so then you don’t have to do that. I feel that if they do that, they are more likely to be a good match.

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The Perfect AU Pair

The Perfect AU PAIR is the guide to understanding how to get an amazing live in name for you and your family. 

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